I don’t know exactly how to start this introduction, so I’ll jump right into it! I go by IffyBiffy for two reasons: 1) A big part of the Username was a nickname my Mimi used to call me 2) and I’m almost always Iffy about something! I’m totally up for sharing about my problems with anxiety and the constant fight to keep my dark clouds away! Don’t be afraid to reach out to talk about either! 🙂

Jumping back in before I work

I just got back from having 3 days off during, probably, the worst time to have off. One of my best friends has just graduated college and I couldn’t wait to celebrate this amazing milestone with her! I almost wasn’t able to go due to being severely understaffed, so I appreciate my boss letting me go. Still, I’ll be working my butt off the next two days.

The other day I was sent a link to The Bipolar Writer Podcast for the interview James and I did a few weeks back. I was excited to listen to it and am finally getting to it! I actually received an email from a listener and it completely made my night! I have to say, the background music was one of my favorite parts of the podcast! It was peaceful, and tied everything together. If it was just my awkward a$$ voice, I don’t think anyone would listen haha.

I had a fun time doing the interview and I hope others will reach out to James and share their stories.


I had a dream about my dad

Last night I dreamt I was in my dad’s room at our old house. We were watching a TV series together that he’d wanted to binge for some time. I didn’t realize I was dreaming. All I could think about was staying with him because I knew if I left, I’d regret not spending even more time with him. This was my chance and I was going to take it. There wasn’t much that happened in the dream. Just the two of us watching this series that was strangely similar to the X-Men movies. I remember my mom came home at some point with groceries and we all worked together to put them up.

After I woke up I felt nostalgic rather than sad. There were days when my dad and I would sit around watching TV in his room. One show I won’t forget was Ghost Hunters. The show where people who worked for Roto-Rooters worked for TAPS as their second job and would hunt ghosts. My dad’s favorite character was Steve but mine was Tango and we would go back and forth over who was a better ghost hunter. Now, everytime I see a Roto-Rooter van, I have to point it out.