I don’t know exactly how to start this introduction, so I’ll jump right into it! I go by IffyBiffy for two reasons: 1) A big part of the Username was a nickname my Mimi used to call me 2) and I’m almost always Iffy about something! I’m totally up for sharing about my problems with anxiety and the constant fight to keep my dark clouds away! Don’t be afraid to reach out to talk about either! 🙂

Drama at Work #4

This one will be a really recent one. The other weekend, I was working a Sunday morning which has been fairly uneventful this past month. It’s gotten to a point where I enjoy working weekend mornings because the shift is just so easy and I can really be in a great mindset throughout them. This time; however, was a bit different.

The morning started out rough and I can’t even remember how. I just remember getting a bit frustrated and I was tired which always makes me cranky. I’m, basically, a giant baby. Half of the shift was just about over with which meant that it was almost 11AM. AKA check out time. Now, we already had a number of guests with late checkouts which was fine. Sundays usually have a number of late checkouts, so I try not to give out any more of them. Or, atleast, the latest I do is 30 minutes over. The reason for this isn’t to be stingy. If there was a large influx of guests staying behind, the housekeepers would be here all day.

Back to the story. One of my coworkers had been telling me about a guest that was coming down 4 different times for breakfast. He would ask her for a plate full of food and then eat it all, wait some time, and then come back for more. Here’s the thing: Yes, this food is free. No, this food is not all yours. Everyone else wants a plate, too. Don’t be greedy. The guest seemed off, too. He kept just walking around and drinking some of the free water bottles we had out which I didn’t really care about since I snag one every once in a while. Besides, it’s just a water bottle. Later on, I had a guest come up to me around 10:30-10:45 and ask for a late checkout. He was a younger guy and he had an older guy with him. The older guy turned out to be the greedy guest from earlier. I did my usual, “Latest I can give you is 11:30.” The younger man said that was fine because they would probably only need about 15 minutes but the older man cut him off to tell me they weren’t going to leave until “15 minutes till 12.” Nope. That’s not how this works. When you sign the registration form it tells you that your check out time is at 11AM. You pay for the time you check in to the time you check out. Not to leave whenever you want, otherwise a hotel will lose a lot of money. I had a thought from my general manager roll through my mind before I responded to the man. She told me that I can’t let guests walk all over me. So, I responded that he needed to be out by 11:30. Otherwise, his card would be charged for another nights stay. He immediately became offended, yelling that I was “rude, very rude” and that other hotels give him, at least, an hour. Well, that’s good for them. Those hotels can give him however much they want. Just like I can. Later on, the younger man came by to apologize and I reminded him that it wasn’t him that needed to apologize. He didn’t do anything wrong. I have rules I need to follow and he understood that. Besides, I felt like asserting my dominance for once in my life. I can’t let everyone do what they want around here. We’d get nothing done. Anyway, 11:20 rolls around and the angry, greedy guest walked past the desk with a large black bag. He and I stared each other down until he was just about to walk outside. He stopped and asked, “Are you still going to charge my card?” I asked, “Are you going to leave by 11:30?” He responded, “I’m gonna leave by the time I told you I’m gonna leave.” So, I just shrugged and said, “Then, yeah, I’m gonna charge your card, friend.” I still don’t know what compelled me to add ‘friend’ in at the end but it felt right. He left after that. They checked out by 11:30 which meant he was only putting on a show to scare me. Too bad. It didn’t work.

Oh, but you know what’s icing on the cake? Our hotel is 100% non-smoking. It says it on the door, on a plaque on the column near the front desk, on the registration card, and on a tiny card in each and every room in the hotel. On the reg. card, you have to initial where it says you agree that if you smoke in our non-smoking hotel, it’s a $250 charge. And guess who smoked in the room and didn’t even bother hiding the ashes or cig. butts? That’s right, the a**hole. Karma is wonderful.

A good cry

I guess it’s about that time. I’ve been happy enough for so long. I expected it to end, at least briefly. All I need in order to fix this is to cry and I’ll be back to happy. I just have to figure out what I’ll watch to accomplish this. I’m sure some anime or Queer Eye will solve things.