Tip #1 Tax-Free Weekend!

If you live in one of the few states that do Tax-Free Weekend, go for it! Shop for your school supplies and get them much cheaper! Here is a list of all the states that I could find that does this. This list is courtesy of DealNews.com

  • Alabama July 19-21
  • Arkansas August 3-4
  • Connecticut* August 18-24
  • Florida* August 2-4
  • Iowa August 2-3
  • Maryland August 11-17
  • Massachusetts* August 10-11
  • Mississippi* July 26-27
  • Missouri* August 2-4
  • New Mexico* August 2-4
  • Ohio August 2-4
  • Oklahoma* August 2-4
  • South Carolina* August 2-4
  • Tennessee July 26-28
  • Texas August 9-11
  • Virginia August 2-4
  • Wisconsin* July 31- August 4

Note: States marked with an asterisk (*) are not yet confirmed. (Once again, this is from DealNews.com)

There may be some date changes or some places that may be added. Just be sure to look into your state to know more details. Tax-Free Weekend can apply to clothes, books, school supplies, etc. You just have to look more into your state to see what their set up is going to be.

I highly recommend this to help save money! My family had to do this before college. Once college did hit, I was buying my own supplies and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend. It’s very helpful and I really wish all the states had Tax-Free Weekend.

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