Friendiversary and NERDtorch Cafe!

Yesterday, Nickie G and I went out for our unofficial Friendiversary of 10 years! We say unofficial because 1) it’s not technically our friendiversary date and 2) we only realized we’ve been friends for 10 years about halfway through dinner. For said dinner, we chose a pub I loved working at but hated the anxiety and $100 checks at the end of each week. I am still a member of the pub’s GroupMe so I looked to see who was working and got a coworker that I knew to be our server- not really, they were just next in rotation, ha- and he, of course, took great care of us. Since Nickie G is still trying to find a job, she put in an application there and I’m sure if she talks to the HM than she can get the ball rolling, although food service is pretty low on her list of places she wants to work. Let’s be honest, food service is draining for such little pay, especially if you have anxiety. After eating and drinking (only a little, I’m broke-which is gonna come up in the next post) we needed to walk around a little bit because I wasn’t about to drive, even if I only had most of a single glass. The wine wasn’t up my alley but I had to at least drink most of it since I was paying for it.

On our little walk in the downtown area, we came across an amazing area hidden amongst the surrounding establishments that I’d forgotten about. It was the NERDtorch Cafe and I’d been there once with Monroe (who has been ill and dealing with piles of homework so she hasn’t been able to post) a couple years back. NERDtorch Cafe’s hours were pretty convenient with our arrival since they’d just opened up an hour or two before we got there. It was an easy decision to head in and we were immediately greeted by an adorable dog named Hime (pronounced HEE-MAY) and Nigel who is one of the owners of the place. I think it’s him and his wife, Leilani, that own it if I’m not mistaken. He remembered me from last time and offered to give us a tour which was nice because it had changed since the last time I was there. They had gaming rooms, a cosplay creation room, and even a live streaming room! NERDtorch Cafe even offered food that was incredibly delicious for super cheap! We would have saved some dough if we’d found this place first! Nickie G and I split a Double Hero burger that Leilani graciously cooked and even cut in half when she learned we planned to share it. The burger was so amazing that I was genuinely trying to convince myself to take money from my savings to afford another one! Nickie G convinced me otherwise, knowing how much money I’d already spent that day, ha ha. We stayed there, playing Pokemon: Let’s Go for a few hours and chatted with everyone there and just generally nerded out until about 9pm. At that point, I was exhausted and tired of being social so we headed home!

What a successful day, yesterday was! I forgot to mention, we also cleaned the house so I got to wake up to the house NOT smelling like a mixture of gross things. Woo!

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