Makeup tests for Atlanta Pride Parade ft. Nickie G

I went to Ulta for just 2 things: A cheap but pigmented palette with pink, purple, and blue and e.l.f.’s liquid liner. You wanna know what I bought? I bought both items I needed AND a deep blue matte lipstick by Maybelline called Explorer, some clearance lip balm (I lost my old one…) and e.l.f. Define Eye Tape which I suck at applying. So, the reason for buying these items is because I wanted to try out a look of applying pink, purple, and blue eyeshadow in the form of the Bisexual flag for Atl. Pride;however, you can see that I changed my mind in the second photo. I’m, obviously, not very good at makeup, yet and my mirror also needs a good cleaning but that’s besides the point.

Alright yes, I know I know. I should have just bought the two things but, oh man first, I could NOT find a cheap palette with all three colors that looked decent enough. Secondly, I was inspired by an advertisement of a woman with deep blue lipstick and some crazy pretty eyeshadow! I couldn’t just not copy that idea! I actually did find a good and cheap palette right after I bought the blue lipstick. p.s. the longer I look at this color, the less purple it looks.

So, before Nickie G got home and we both ended up napping and THEN we sat down and she did the makeup of the first picture, I dicked around with my new makeup. I was super excited to try the blue lipstick out because I’ve always wanted to have a whole goth/scene look on hand for whenever I just feel that sudden teenage angst that I held in come creeping out of me. I actually considered buying a beanie from Spencers that had a little tag sewn into it that simply read “fuck.” That’s besides the point. I put on the pink and purple eyeshadow and attempted to use the e.l.f. Define Tape but it didn’t go well so after multiple free hand attempts, I was successful with a nice thin line. I can’t do think lines or thick cat eyes because I have hooded eyes. RIP. After that, I put on an excessive amount of the blue lipstick because I suck at putting liquid lipstick on and spent several minutes waiting for it to dry. Now, the ad for the lipstick said it can hold for up to 16 hours and I can’t quite say that’s true because I only tested it for 5 hours, including eating and napping in it. It lasted fairly well but did come off some after I ate. I eventually just took off the lipstick because it was bothering me with how thick I’d applied it. So, after my roommate and I woke up and ate Nickie G took the time to test out a beautiful look on my face by applying several different eyeshadows from different palettes that she could probably name off the top of her head with ease and did a rainbow look over my eyes and face. It’s hard to see the eyes in the picture but you can just take my word for it that she did an amazing job. This girl has some serious talent! Shoutout to Nickie G for this amazing work with just some palettes, brushes, and the patience she needed for me to eventually close my eyes so she could paint me like one of her French girls!

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