Negative memories throughout middle/high school- Part 2

So, as some of you may have read in part 1, I’m doing a little series about my history with people making me uncomfortable through word or touch. In part 2, I’m going to be talking about the many times I felt uncomfortable due to hurtful comments or people invading my personal space.

In middle school, I was just starting to develop a body shape and, lets just say, it was fairly curvy. I’m not the happiest with my genes like a lot of weirdos were, but I digress. I just remember a handful of uncomfortable moments that really sent me inside my shell and I mayhaps talked about one in a post from when I was in Maine, so I’ll just do a quick recap of it to start off this post.

One of my earliest memories with feeling really uncomfortable was when a group of girls asked how I “got my breasts so big.” And after telling them it was literally just shit luck with genetics, they turned to each other and started whispering. I even remember one giving me side-eye and I just ended up walking away wishing I could have the last 5 minutes of my life back.

Another time I was uncomfortable was when a classmate made a comment that I should wear more figure flattering clothes and she added that if she were me she would have a bit of cleavage showing. Keep in mind that I was not and am still not close with any of these people so it felt more creepy and random than if it were my friends telling me.

At one point in time, I had a crush on a classmate of mine and he and I would give each other anime suggestions to watch. I had dated him back in the tyke years of third grade but young love never lasts. I had started liking him again and we would message frequently on Facebook. I really liked him up until he asked if I stuffed my bra-which was not the first time I’d ever been asked that- and when I replied with no, he deadass asked for proof. Dumbass had zero sense about him. I immediately liked him less and throughout the years of us vaguely talking, he continued to make me uncomfortable and I just unfriended him and blocked him. I’ll be honest, the reason I didn’t block him was because I enjoyed talking to him whenever it wasn’t about my body.

He wasn’t the only guy to ask for pictures in my high school career. I had a friend who also enjoyed anime and she had a younger brother who I rarely spoke to. He was the quiet and awkward type, so I figured he was okay. However, we had an online class together, for whatever reason, and I’d sat next to him cuz I barely knew anybody else. We rarely talked to each other but I still accepted his friend request on Facebook. At first, the conversation was normal, but he messaged me, one day, asking me for pictures of my breasts and I immediately got onto him about it. I talked to his sister and even moved seats to get away from him in class.

The last big thing I’ll talk about is from the time I dated a guy for less than a week in the 9th grade. I broke up with him because he was sending all the weird texts saying he “had mixed feelings and needed to think about the relationship”, less than 72 hours into it. I already knew it was a lost cause, so I broke up with him. A few years later, I think I was in the 11th grade when he tried talking to me again. At the time, I was in a place where I just really wanted to date someone, so I gave him a chance but we literally last abou 48 hours, this go round. He broke up with me out of the blue and was off chasing some other poor soul. However, the real problem came when we would see each other in a science class we had where he would frequently make comments about my figure and he probably told me I “could pass the Hooters test” at least six times throughout the semester. I ignored him until even the other classmates around me started telling him how creepy he was sounding. Sometimes it still gets to me.

So, this is it for part 2. In part 3, I’ll talk about my college years which includes several awkward relationships that I wish had never happened. I think part 3 will be the last part, but we’ll see.

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