Back from Atlanta Pride Parade

Hey all, I just woke up from a nap about 2 hours ago and am finally settling down to type about the Atlanta Pride Parade! I’m incredibly sore from all the dancing and I, now, know that 3 vodka shots (with lime) on a mostly empty stomach will kill any movement for me in the morning after but boy! But Boy! That shit will get me dancing for three hours straight in a hot and steamy nightclub and I still won’t want to stop!

So, let’s get into day 1 which was Friday October 11. I woke up, packed the rest of my belongings for the trip, and headed out to see my boyfriend and friends. I learned that we’d be going in two seperate cars a few days prior, so I wasn’t really too surprised when I got to my SO’s house and learned that Q, the other driver, was off running a few last minute errands so it was just going to be boo and I. That was fine with me, so we headed out and while on the road, he introduced me to this podcast called The Adventure Zone which he doesn’t know but I am slowly becoming obsessed with. It’s a DnD podcast and no, I am not into playing that. However, I learned that listening to others having fun and playing it is a whole other ball park. As of right now, I’m re-downloading Spotify to listen to the remaining parts. Also, I told him about the game my family played whenever we were on the interstate. It’s where you look at license plates and write down each different state you see. I’m pretty sure most families play this game and even he’d said he’d played it before. We played this game throughout the entire weekend since Atlanta is a huge place and it even has an international airport. I’ll post our final results at the end. So, after a handful of hours on the road, we made it to the apartment we rented for the weekend, beating the other car which had our three other friends in it. I started watching this TV show on Netflix called “The Good Place” while my boyfriend grabbed things from the car and took a stroll around the area to learn it better. I expected to help him but he kinda just took off like it was his job. He was raised like that so I wasn’t too surprised. He asked me to look for some places to eat and I planned to walk around but couldn’t since he’d taken the only key. (BTW what place gives you only a single key? There were 2 bedrooms and 4 of us!) Regardless, when he came back, the other three trailed in behind him! We took lots of pictures and explored for a while before heading out to Battle and Brew! Now, that place is pretty great and the service is amazing! You pretty much just play on whatever system they have and drink and eat! They also had a Tardis as the restrooms. (According to one of my male friends, the mens room had a sticky floor, so ew). I got this ale, alcoholic drink that I can only remember as the drink I couldn’t pronounce but it was a pickle juice lovers dream! We finally made it back and went to bed since we needed to be up early for breakfast. (My boyfriend and his roommate, Q, know how to throwdown when it comes to cooking. I’m insecure about my cooking skills but it’s hard to focus on that when they keep cooking amazing tasting food.

So, Day 2. Woke up, showered, dressed, and we all headed out for breakfast. Boo and Q hadn’t been able to go out and buy ingredients for food since we got home so late which was fine because after long deliberation, we chose to eat at Cracker Barrel. Breakfast was great! Service was A+ and I had a to-go box with me, as usual. I almost never finish my food. It’s usually to avoid that stomach ache of being too full. It just makes me feel so sick, blah. Afterwards, we Uber-ed or Lyft-ed (I don’t remember which one) to Piedmont Park and shopped at vendors and met up with more friends. After many hours of walking and being around half naked to mostly naked people, the main event finally came around. Most people stayed to hear Ke$ha play live and there she was. She sang amazingly and pep talked all of us to be who we are and to “do whatever the fuck you want, tonight.” We couldn’t stay for the whole performance and headed back to the apartment where a few of us decided to keep the night going and we went out to a couple bars. I found out that if I drink 3 shots of vodka, I can dance, probably, until dawn but in this case I just danced until close to 3am.

I regretted this on Day 3. Holy shit, I was hungover. I mean, it wasn’t my worst hangover, but it was a pretty bad one. I’d rate it a 3 out of all 3 of the hangovers I’ve had so far. I threw up once after my boyfriend gave me some nice ice cold water which I could really go for right now but I’m too lazy to check and see if we even have any ice. UPDATE: We do have ice! Regardless, I forced myself to shower, shave, and pack since we had to be out of there by 11am. We went to see the parade where I about died laughing because of the funny Donald Trump in handcuffs ride, got completely soaked in the rain, and got my steps in trying to find another friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a while. After the parade, we ate at a Mexican restaurant and made our way back to our shitty state. I had work in the morning, so I was home by 8pm and by that point, I was too tired to stay up long. Whoopee to getting up at 3am,

Honestly, I’d post pictures but then I reminded myself that most of my friends don’t know about this blog because, for some reason, I just keep refraining from telling them. It’s mainly because this is kinda turned into a bit of a diary for me and sometimes I just need a small corner of the internet to rant my problems and such. Plus, I am still pretty insecure about my writing even though I want to go into that profession. Instead, you can read the list of states we found in Atlanta!

  1. Alabama
  2. Mississippi
  3. Florida
  4. Georgia
  5. Tennessee
  6. Louisiana
  7. South Carolina
  8. Texas
  9. Indiana
  10. Pennsylvania
  11. New Jersey
  12. Illinois
  13. Colorado
  14. Pure Michigan
  15. Ohio
  16. North Carolina
  17. Kentucky
  18. Missouri
  19. New York
  20. Washington
  21. Virginia
  22. Arkansas
  23. Delaware
  24. Maine
  25. Maryland
  26. West Virginia
  27. California
  28. Nebraska
  29. Alaska
  30. Oklahoma
  31. Iowa

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