Life without internet is fine… Till I have to look something up

It’s been a little while without internet! It feels like it has been at least a month! I’m sitting in a bookstore, stealing some of their wifi just so I can post this. I made sure to purchase a hot cocoa and a few Christmas presents that way I don’t feel so bad.

I still live in the middle of nowhere, so reception is really spotty and I don’t want to wait 15 minutes for a web page to load like I had to do yesterday. You see, what happened was that Terminix came for their usual visit and I let them know about our little rat problem that we’ve been dealing with for a bit now. They set out a glue trap and did their usual routine. After they left, I took a 4-5 hour nap (don’t judge me, I was up since 3:15AM for work) and when I woke up, I heard the familiar squeak of a small animal. I checked the trap and sure enough, there was a small rat stuck in the glue. Now, I’ve used glue traps before when we used to have a problem with a mouse that was taking a tour through our cabinets. I don’t like glue traps because they smell awful and are cruel. So, I devised a plan to set the rat free a mile or so away from the house, but I had to get it out first. I consulted the internet, which took roughly 15 minutes for the page to load most of its information. It was enough for me to be able to make an educated guess on how to get the rat out. I got a box, a rag, and some baby oil and got to work. I would have used gloves like a civilized person but I’m not that smart because we’ve been out of gloves for some time now. You can really tell how much I clean our house. Anyway, about 10 minutes in, the rat was free and watching me from the bottom of the cardboard box.

Another kicker, I am still not smart because I tried petting the rat. Actually, I succedded and gave its butt a good scratching. It didn’t do a lot of moving at first but after a while it got fiesty enough that it tried to escape the box. Actually… it did escape and I had to recapture it. By that point, I was fed up with having the rat in my midst so I “took it to God,” as my family likes to say. I just drove up to our church and walked a little ways into the woods and let it loose. Maybe it won’t get into the church…

Anyway, I almost forgot the point of this post. Basically, I miss having WiFi and I can’t do a hotspot on my phone. Apparently, it’s too old and Straight Talk doesn’t offer a cheap mobile hotspot plan with more than a handful of gigabytes of data. I am an internet surfer and require more than just a few waves of gigabytes, thank you very much.

I need to wrap this post up. I’m tired from work and donating plasma and I just want to crawl up in my bed and re-watch more episodes of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. P.S. Anybody else think there are some really nice looking dudes on that TV show? I mean, even Loren isn’t bad looking. Casting A+!

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