Stepping out of my comfort zone ~Rated M for Mature

I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts that I have been dating someone and that I’ve had a hard time really opening up to him. It has, mainly, been because of my past experiences. I’ve been trying to push past them because I can’t hide behind them forever. Dodie would never accept that of me (ha). Anyway, about a month ago, he started really throwing some hard ball hints of wanting to have sex and I had, oddly enough, told myself that I really didn’t want to leave his house on that specific day until we’d had sex. The funny thing was, I had to leave at a specific time because I was about to babysit my nephew for the first time. Instead, I stayed almost a whole extra hour having sex and then talking. Like wow, how grown up am I? Don’t answer that…

The experience wasn’t bad. It, also, wasn’t as awkward as I expected it to be, but I’ve come to the conclusion that was because I let him take the reins. I will admit, I felt closer to him after our first time. I even talked with a few of my friends who told me they, too, felt closer to their beaus. I can say that I’m not in love, yet. I feel like that’s a topic for another day.

My next goal is to be a bit more open on giving my boyfriend tips to help me enjoy having sex. Send some good vibes my way.

Peace out!

Published by iffybiffy

Hi! I started this blog to talk about exploring deeper into my mental health! I tend to understand things better as I write or type them down so there are time where things may not make sense to you but, fear not, it's just me understanding things. if you would like to get in contact with me, email me at See you online-

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