Mapping out my life route options

I’ve been trying to make a lot of big decisions lately but the branches to other paths are keeping me static. Maybe I just need to type them out and get a better understanding of what my options are. I could always “move in” with my brother, his wife, and their 1.5-year-old kiddo. I could get a job in the Tallassee or Montgomery area and eventually move out, Plus the Montgomery area probably has more writing options. Actually, Tallassee may be small but they do have a newspaper I could try and intern for. Although I’m not sure they do that. Also, my dog, Alfie, hates other dogs and my brother has one. I mean Alfie really hates dogs. It’s the only time he has ever acted violently and even though their dog is female, I doubt he would care. It’s just the fact that he has competition that makes him angry, I think. Also, this accommodation only extends to me instead of both my twin brother and Nickie G. Although you have to understand, my twin doesn’t have or want a job and just spends his days gaming and sleeping. Nickie G isn’t really a part of the family. They’ve only got two couches and one of them is a loveseat that I’ve slept on and wouldn’t recommend as a bed. It’s super comfy to chill on but I’m too tall for it to be my bed. Here’s another option: I could ask for more hours at work and start having 80-hour paychecks again. Then I could finally set aside some dollops for college. I just doubt I’ll get the hours because I wasn’t hired on full-time. I don’t think the hotel will make an exception and there isn’t really much they could give me to do. Everyone has their jobs for a reason: so other people don’t have to do them. An option to oppose the last would be: to find another job that gives me a minimum of 80-hours a paycheck. I could get a job that only works Monday through Friday so I could finally have my weekends back, again. Plus, I want a place that isn’t strict on a dress code and one where I’m not primarily dealing with customers/guests because I’ve about reached my limit of customer service. I can’t handle much more of pleasing the masses. I know, I know. “There aren’t too many jobs out there that have your specifications.” And you would be right, so I talked with my older brother and he suggested a factory job which has always given me anxiety because I don’t like the idea of being near machines but I figure I’ve tried so much else. I should give this a try, especially since it ticks all my boxes. Another home-based option that kind of connects with my job options is to move with Nickie G to somewhere in the Opelika/Auburn area. Then get a job in said area and thrive off of not having to take almost $100 out of my checks just for gas. I’m not kidding. $70. Each paycheck which is every two weeks. My poor car reached 100,000 miles from the 75,000-ish miles I was gifted it on from my Mimi. I think she had the car since 2008 and she still didn’t reach 100,000. I’ve had it for the last 3 years and boom, 50,000 more miles. Anyway, it would be even better to move around that area and get a job where I can set aside $50-$100 from each paycheck and after a couple months, be able to afford a class or two at Auburn to begin chipping away at a writing degree. At least I won’t feel like I’m doing nothing with my life. I know I’m not. Hell, I’ve been active enough on this blog to consider it something for me to be proud of. I expected this blog to last all of, maybe, three months. I rarely stay with a project for long. Like I said in My Little Obsessions post, I don’t really stick to things that well and I’ve ended up with so many unfinished projects. It’s kind of embarrassing. Lemme, finish off this post. I’ve got plans with one of my friends today! So, I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my posts. I meant to say this way sooner but to everyone who read my first ever poem Spontaneously Terrible Things thank you so much! I really didn’t feel that it ended well but it was my first try. I wrote it in a moment of strong paranoia after reading all the newspaper articles my Mimi collected on a time back in 1994 when my dad went through something absolutely terrible. Then, I realized I knew other stories of friends who experienced those spontaneous and terrible events in their lives. It can be hard to put those events into words, especially if it didn’t happen to you, so apologies if it seems a little unclear! To end an unnecessarily long post, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I hope you find $20!

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Hi! I started this blog to talk about exploring deeper into my mental health! I tend to understand things better as I write or type them down so there are time where things may not make sense to you but, fear not, it's just me understanding things. if you would like to get in contact with me, email me at See you online-

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