Today was pretty awesome! Work was nice and slow so J.B and I talked for like an hour and a half about the post I’d made yesterday about addiction. At first, I was still in the middle about who’s fault addiction fell under. Now, I keep thinking back to the experiences J.B talked about with his family being addicts and how, even then, he still had no sympathy for them. I feel that apart of it is because J.B holds a grudge against those who become addicts because they fall just like his family had. I’m still not 100% on where I stand because where is the line to which responsibility is blurred by addiction? On one side, people have the mind to say yes or no to things, but what if someone says yes, thinking they won’t get addicted, and before the experience is over, they are addicted? There are some things I feel like people need to experience to understand but in the name of research does this have to be one of them? Can people really justify their answers without having been around addicts or becoming addicts themselves?

Moving on, mom met Beau. Mom likes Beau. 5 stars. A huge part of it is his natural response to help others and be responsible. He is going to become a firefighter, after all. By the end of the day, mom was pretty much caught up with the necessary details. And yes, also about us “doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel” to which she commented that her “little girl is all grown up” and that our relationship “really is serious.” She wants him to meet the grandparents, now. I told her that isn’t really necessary. I don’t care for their opinion much anymore. To remind you, they shit on my idea to be a writer. Even mom said they were being assholes and mom rarely talks crap about them.

So, I talked with J.B about my book(s) idea. You know, the one(s) I’ve never really talked about. Basically, I want to write a short one on college tips I wished people had told me before I left for this big school and another one about anxiety. The problem is that I want to write about my dad. So, should I write a short story of my genre of choosing? Should I add him into my anxiety book as a cautionary tale? I was told (by J.B) to write an outline which is a good idea. I could always try outlines for both story ideas. It’s not like I have anything else better to do.

Oh! I have something I can do! A couple years ago I interviewed David (don’t remember last name) who owns Side Track which is a wonderful coffee shop that is very different from most because most of the drinks don’t have set prices. You pay what you can and veggie out with chill customers. I told David I would write an article on his place, but when I sat down to plan the outline, I could NOT, for the life of me, figure out what direction I wanted to take the dang thing. I think I have an idea so maybe I can give it a second look.

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Hi! I started this blog to talk about exploring deeper into my mental health! I tend to understand things better as I write or type them down so there are time where things may not make sense to you but, fear not, it's just me understanding things. if you would like to get in contact with me, email me at iffybiffy100@gmail.com. See you online-

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