I woke up yesterday morning to my Partial Unemployment Claim money from the Department of Labor coming in. I was fairly surprised because I was warned by HR that it would possibly take close to a month to come to me. I guess partially because my bossman put things in motion fairly quickly and HR was working their butt off. I feel grateful. That, and I needed the money. I woke up this morning knowing I’d only get about $100 from this paycheck because I’d only worked 2 shifts two weeks ago. I guess I’ll be getting another $100 in another two weeks from the 2 shifts I’ll be working next weekend. I’m a bit worried they’ll scrap the Partial Unemployment Claim since I’m technically working, even if it is just 2 shifts and that’s definitely not enough for a living wage. 

Is it weird that I miss working? I had a dream I was with one of my coworkers who’s always cheerful and nice and when I woke up, I was sad I didn’t have a shift with her. I don’t even think she’s gonna be working next weekend. I miss walking in for my cleaning or breakfast shifts and knowing exactly what needs to be done immediately. Front Desk is a shift I’m mostly familiar with. I doubt I’ll run into many or maybe even any problems this next weekend. I’ll probably be hearing crickets most of the day. I think I’ll just struggle with trying to find something to do. I wonder if they’d care if I got all my stuff done and get on my blog, ha!

On a side note, is anyone else getting tired of any time you cough and someone even jokingly starts saying “Oh no, Coronavirus” because it used to be a silly joke to me but is now just getting annoying. I know it’s not something that should be joked about but I kinda don’t care. Like, I do. But also, I just wanna laugh, so fight me. 

I need to go to the store, today. I shouldn’t and should have my items delivered but (and this is gonna be a bit TMI) our toilet clogged and has been clogged for about a week now. I tried plunging, Drain-o, and a small, 2-foot plastic snake but none of that has work. Our bathroom is smelling like a literal outhouse. It’s starting to leak into the room (the smell) and waking up to that is not wonderful. I can’t hold out much longer. I, also, need to get a few things for my animals. Technically, if the virus wasn’t going around, today would be my usual grocery shopping trip. Although I still have a good bit of cheap food. My main focus is the toilet snake and my animal’s food and supplements. 

Alright, I need to go get ready. I want to get the day over with. I hope everyone has a safe day!

Published by iffybiffy

Hi! I started this blog to talk about exploring deeper into my mental health! I tend to understand things better as I write or type them down so there are time where things may not make sense to you but, fear not, it's just me understanding things. if you would like to get in contact with me, email me at iffybiffy100@gmail.com. See you online-

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