Sorry its been so long. About a week, I think. I’ve been really busy these last three days with work. I’ve had to deal with my anxiety of working Front Desk, as well, but I know I’ve gotten better in some parts. I’m faster checking people in/out and faster with taking reservations over the phone. There was an incident, though, where someone had stayed with us one night and asked to stay another but didn’t pay for it. I had to make a new reservation for them for that second night and told them to come down and pay for it. They originally called and said they’d pay in cash. I talked with my boss about how a cash payment goes and called them back to remind them that paying with cash means a $100 deposit and they still needed a card for incidentals. The man said he’d be right down. Hours later, I’d forgotten about it but remembered about an hour before my shift ended so I wrote on a sticky note for the next coworker and then I was bombarded with people trying to check in early. Eventually, things settled by the time I had to leave and the next day, I came in for the same shift and another coworker told me the coworker that relieved me yesterday said she’d gone up there to check on them but didn’t know if they were even in the room. So, I waited until a reasonable time and called their room. No answer. I went up and knocked on the door. Again, no answer and I could hear the TV was on. I waited another hour and then called the phone number attached to their reservation and left a voicemail when no one answered. I talked with the boss and he looked into their previous stays and found a card on one of them, so I believe he may have been able to charge them but I’m not sure how that works, exactly. Regardless, I did learn to be more aggressive about people paying their rooms. Next time, I’ll tell the person they need to be here, at the desk, before I even make the reservation. Or, they need to at least give me their card number to hold the room. 

I did have a sweet encounter with a guest that I chatted with and he came out of his room later on and an hour or two before my shift ended, asked me if I’d had lunch. You’re not really supposed to eat during the shift but some coworkers may snack during the slower times. I’d had about half my Nature Valley bar but that was it so I told him no. He was really nice and he went out and bought me food from Wing Café (I believe that’s the name of the place) and I felt super grateful. I could tell he wasn’t doing this for any particular reason other than to be nice because he never asked for anything in return, even when he showed up later to buy a few snacks. I’m pretty sure he’s been at the hotel before because him and the coworker that was relieving me were talking like they had met before. Either way, it was really nice. I was a little sad they left before my shift started the next day since I was hoping to wish them a safe trip. 

Of course, I’ve also had a few guests come in and while checking them in, they hit on me and it always surprises me or catches me off guard. Not that I think I’m not good looking or anything. I just don’t think about flirting. I’m so focused on just trying to check them in and not mess anything up, while being fast and professional. That, and I have a boyfriend, so it’s not on my mind. I was pissed by the last guy who hit on me, right before I got off because I let him know I had a boyfriend and that I loved said boyfriend. The guest just said something like, “Well, I love my wife but- “and then I couldn’t understand the last part but even if you joke when you say that, it would still have hurt the wife’s feelings, I imagine. I had one construction worker hit on me and then he left, came back a week or two later, and he had a woman and child with him. I never looked to see if he had a wedding band but it still pissed me off. I have a strong emotion against cheaters. There are very, very few that I’ve met that redeem themselves and never even think about making that cruddy choice again, but most… Most people don’t care. Just like the few people who I’ve realized were married and hitting on me. It’s one thing to hit on someone (cuz you gotta get the message across that you like someone, somehow- just be tasteful about it) and it’s another to have a significant other and not care about it. I just keep imagining their S.O. finding out and then feeling really hurt by it. 

Anyway, lets get to a nicer topic. I’ve been talking more with my therapist and it has been really nice. I actually had to change to a different therapist because the problems I am dealing with were more suited for someone else’s experience. As sad as I was to leave the first therapist/counselor, I’m happy that I chose this one. She’s been really nice and understanding, so far. Sometimes, she does take a while to respond so I may message her once or twice almost every day but she did tell me it would be easier to schedule appointments where we can video chat. I need to do that, but my plan is to do it on a day where I’m out in town so I can get better signal. I’ve also put a small halt on my Dad’s book for now. It’s been difficult just in one week to keep up with my thoughts. I’ll get back to the book when I can.

Right now, I need to eat some dinner and head to bed. I agreed to take on a really busy Housekeeping shift tomorrow. It’s weird saying that. We were booked up by a group today, so there’s money coming in from that. 😊 I’ll be there most of the day, though. And then, I have one last scheduled shift for Front Desk on Wednesday. Boss said he would try and give me a Houseman shift if he can after Wednesday but I’m not holding my breathe since he wasn’t able to give me shifts for, like, a month. Besides, the Houseman shifts will probably be only three hours long. They’d barely be gas money. 

Okay, I’m gonna end the journal here and eat some dinner. I hope everyone stays safe out there!

Published by iffybiffy

Hi! I started this blog to talk about exploring deeper into my mental health! I tend to understand things better as I write or type them down so there are time where things may not make sense to you but, fear not, it's just me understanding things. if you would like to get in contact with me, email me at iffybiffy100@gmail.com. See you online-

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