Wanna learn more about me? Here are some things I enjoy~

I noticed that my blog has plenty of information on my mental state and how I’m attempting to fix/help it but I don’t post much about my physical state (i.e. what I’m out doing).
I figured I should give you some better detail to have a better picture of how I spend 99% of my time outside of the blog. 1% is pretty much just me figuring out what to post.
First, I’d just like to say that YouTube is my best friend. I’m, currently, trying to watch “r/Justneckbeardthings~ Sorry M’Lady” by YouTuber, Chris Cross. I tend to watch those types (any r/ videos) while I’m doing something so I can get that multitasking feeling. Plus, those neckbeards are just absolutely cringing/entertaining. I don’t think I’ve ever actually met a neckbeard, or talked with one long enough to verify, but I know there are some out there. I’ve met r/Niceguys and r/Nicegirls out in the wild and that’s pretty funny.
I love watching dashcam videos, Markiplier, CrankGameplays, Slapped Ham, Top 5s, Buzzfeed Unsolved, Nuke’s Top 5, Lazy Masquerade, Chills, Noble Xenon, Walk Off The Earth, Jenna Marbles, doddleoddle, Tessa Violet, Olan Rogers, and Thomas Sanders. There’s probably way more on my subscriptions list but they are most likely variations of the content the YouTuber’s above post about.
I usually fall asleep while watching the dashcam videos cuz anytime I passenger a car ride, I get sleepy but I love them nonetheless. They’re my go-to for when I need to fall asleep.
As for the YouTubers like Slapped Ham and Buzzfeed Unsolved, they are my go-to for when I need a laugh but also kinda want to be freaked out at the same time. Although, with YouTubers like Nuke’s Top 5, Chills, and Slapped Ham, I tend to enjoy the debunking portion of the videos the most. Not that I don’t believe in ghosts, it’s just those videos can be faked and a feel like a good portion of them are. This reminds me of that one video I saw where a guy was freaking out over his lightbulb turning on and off and said he wasn’t touching the switch but, in the foreground, you can see a box for those Wi-Fi connected bulbs. Killed all hope for that video being legit real fast.
If I want to watch someone playing a video game, since I don’t do a lot of gaming, I watch Markiplier, CrankGameplays, and Jacksepticeye. I think Jenna (Marbles) has played a few games, but I don’t watch her and Julien when they stream since I haven’t had reliable Wi-Fi in a few years. (Thanks to YouTube Premium for letting me download sh*t).
Of course, then there are singers like Dodie and Tessa who I love and adore to pieces. They know how to make words dance. I can’t figure out how to free write and make it sound nice but they over here, uploading albums and earning some good $$$. They deserve it, too. (Not saying that everyone else on this list doesn’t).
Of course, then you get your laughs from Olan Rogers and Thomas Sanders. I still think about a few of their more famous lines from time to time. And on any given day, whether it’s Monday or not, I find myself saying “It’s a Monday” and then in a much smaller thought, “I gotta do it one more time”. Hell, my older brother says it, too. Golden, ya know? Golden.
All of these YouTubers are amazing and wonderful and I keep holding out hope to one day meet one of them, so I’ll keep trucking on until I do.

Published by iffybiffy

Hi! I started this blog to talk about exploring deeper into my mental health! I tend to understand things better as I write or type them down so there are time where things may not make sense to you but, fear not, it's just me understanding things. if you would like to get in contact with me, email me at iffybiffy100@gmail.com. See you online-

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