Oof, I am Miranda (from Sex in the City). I was listening to her tell Steve he’d crossed over to her side of the bed and it immediately made me think of how territorial I am. My roommate and I have our own bathrooms and I get a little irky when I noticed she’s used my bathroom. Like, it’s a bathroom. Chill out.

I need to start getting ready for work. I’m doing the late night shift, again. So, this time, I plan to bring a bigger notebook and do some writing. I always get in the writing mood when I watch Sex in the City.

I just wanted to make this post really quick because it has just been a week and I am ready for the next 9 hours of work to be over. Hopefully things will go easily. Fingers crossed.

Published by iffybiffy

Hi! I started this blog to talk about exploring deeper into my mental health! I tend to understand things better as I write or type them down so there are time where things may not make sense to you but, fear not, it's just me understanding things. if you would like to get in contact with me, email me at iffybiffy100@gmail.com. See you online-

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