Coworker Appreciation Post!!

So, the other day I was working the front desk and 3 people came in to check in. The thing is, none of them had a good grasp on English and I don’t have a good grasp on Spanish so we were at an impasse. One of my coworkers, the housekeeping supervisor, is bilingual and wasn’t coming in for another 8 minutes. Still, I tried my best to understand the woman as she knew a little bit of English. She knew enough that I had an idea of maybe what she wanted but not exactly how she wanted to go about it. I wasn’t sure if she had a reservation or if she wanted to make one. She pulled out her phone and called someone who knew a bit more English than she did but I think he didn’t quite understand what was going on to be able to help. 8 minutes later, my wonderful bilingual coworker came in and rescued the situation and we had her and her 2 friends set up in a room within 5 minutes. I have always loved hearing her speak Spanish. Her accent is just so lovely and she has such a chipper personality no matter what language she is speaking.

She’s such a wonderful coworker all around. Anytime our general manager isn’t there to be our backbone, she is always hyping me up. She tells me that I am in control and to let no one run me over because I’m here to protect everyone in the hotel. She looks out for me, as well. One day, we had some really fishy guests that were trying to get one around me but I knew not to let them faze me. Still, I could see her watching the confrontation from the end of the hallway, making sure they wouldn’t try anything irrational (spoiler, they didn’t).

One of the biggest compliments anyone can give a co-worker is this: I’d hang out with you outside of work. And I totally could hang with her, too. I can only wish the best for her!

I’m sure y’all have someone like that at work. Give them a little shout out every once in a while. Or better yet, tell it to their face. I know they’d appreciate hearing it.

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