New Segment! – Drama at Work #1

This is a new segment a few of my friends convinced me to start about the experiences that happen at the hotel I work at. And trust me, there will be plenty of posts. Stuff happens there at least once a week, which is how often I will be posting these.

So, warning, 90% of the experiences deal with people on drugs, the police, or angry guests that just want to use me as a verbal punching bag. And without further ado, experience number 1.

  1. I was in week number 2 of my new job at the hotel. I had an ample amount of experience from my previous job at a different hotel of the same name, so they asked me to work my second Front Desk shift by myself because of issues another coworker was dealing with. At this point in time, I was not on any medication or therapy, so my anxiety was top level. I’d never worked a 3-11pm shift before and all I could think about was making it to 11pm. My boss told me to call them if anything goes on, so that coupled with some stress relief tea helped just enough to hide my anxiety from the others. This did not last long as within 1 hour of my shift, a woman was at the desk asking me to call the police because someone in the hotel had stolen her car and stolen over a grand from her. I panicked and I think she could tell because she ended up calling the police and I just awkwardly watched them handle the situation. The Housekeeping Supervisor was there with me until things seemed like they were settling down. I have a feeling she could sense my anxiety. She’s a mother so I think her instincts kicked in and she wanted to make sure I was okay. She’s done this multiple times for me. I see her as a young mother figure, sometimes. Anyway, the woman did eventually get her car back and the police had to arrest the other woman who was staying with us and had looted from the poor girl I mentioned earlier. What’s worse is that the woman was arrested in front of her baby and her husband (I think he’s her husband). My boss felt bad for the kid so she told the dad he could stay the other night he had paid for but he had to get out after that. You know what’s bad? I’ll tell you, now, this is not the last you’ll hear of this thief, either.

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