Smoking and non smoking

I get it, some people enjoy smoking. I like to light the butt too but I certainly understand when I shouldn’t or can’t do it. I work in a 100% smoke free hotel. That means if you step foot in the building with a lit anything, I can charge you $250. And guests know this. Either that or they’re just stupid. What’s especially confusing is when a past guest is charged $250 and they show back up, only for us to charge them again. Usually when this happens we put a mark on their reservation so they can’t make another one and we refuse service to them. Still, frickin still, these dummies try to get around the system. We had one, today, who put the reservation in his significant other’s name and we charged them too. Just looking at their bill should be enough to dissuade them from ever lighting up in our establishment again but they seem to have money to throw away. I guess that’s more money for us, but it’s still a pain to clear the smell out of the room.

And another thing: don’t light up near your children! Guaranteed to mess them up. As I was pulling out of work I witnessed a guest light a cigarette literally 2 inches away from their sons face. It took me thinking about keeping my job just to not say (yell) anything. Your child’s health should be higher than your need to smoke. If you’re gonna do that, do what my parents did and smoke outside, away from your kids.

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