I had a super weird dream(s)

The dream started off with my family trying to hurry out to my car so we can meet our flight time. I don’t know where we were flying to but I’m guessing it was to South Carolina as we used to visit during the summer or Christmas. As I was crawling into the car, everythingContinue reading “I had a super weird dream(s)”

A dream with Buzz Lightyear and cats

I got to wake up this morning to a laugh. I rarely dream something silly enough to make me smile when I wake up so I guess my brain decided to throw me a bone. I dreamt Buzz Lightyear was defending the world’s population of cats but this evil talking cat created a platform thatContinue reading “A dream with Buzz Lightyear and cats”

I had a dream a girl was shot~I woke up before the end

I had a dream there was a 6 year old girl living by herself and one day she found a pair of nice headphones in the garbage. Having never owned something so nice, she decided to keep them. She put them on and walked to school, all the way pretending to listen to music. AContinue reading “I had a dream a girl was shot~I woke up before the end”