3/26/21- Change in my social skills

The other day I was thinking about how much I’ve changed since middle/high school. I have to say, I would have enjoyed school much more with my current personality! I could barely hold a conversation much less start one about 5 years ago. Now, it can be difficult to get me to shut up! I love who I’ve become! It’s so fun to enjoy human interaction. Granted, I am still an introvert and my social battery does tend to run out on me at the least convenient times.

I still have to work on my confidence a bit more but that will come with more time. I still think it’s hilarious how bad I was at holding a conversation. I guess working customer service really helps you figure out how to talk to all sorts of people.

03-17-21 Yearly renewal-Also, new logo

I just did my usual renewal of my WordPress plan and I’m still really hoping to upgrade to a more business-y platform so I can upload videos and get more help on personalizing my website.

Anyway, I am just trying to relax today because it’s my only day off and I still have like 30 more hours to work this week. I gave myself a cute little pedicure while watching TV (that’s right, my roomie and I bought a cheap TV to enjoy). -I’m really enjoying Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I still need to clean out my clothes and donate what’s extra. I kind of want to change up my style again. But I’m not sure what to. Let me go ahead and end this here because it’s like 11pm…

Back to work

I had myself a nice couple of days off this past week and when I came back it was like all hell had broken loose. I went from a relaxing Wednesday to working a bit of overtime the next two days. I got a normal 8 hour shift yesterday but it was so busy I swear I was there longer. Today, because yesterday was so busy, I was asked to come in early to help clean so I’ve been at work for roughly 5 hours so far. I still have 5 more to go. And I’m still not done working hard. This next week will be a 50-hour 6 day shift type of week. I’ll probably lose my mind but I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their Sunday!

Q a Day #48- Have you ever loved someone (romantically)

I don’t think I’ve so much loved as I have lusted (and I don’t completely mean sexually, just that I lusted for his attention). I did feel that freeing feeling and I thought about this person constantly.

I’ve also lusted after a woman after only speaking to her for 15 minutes at a bookstore. I thought about her constantly.

Be sure to give your response!