Drama at Work #3

This is another post I didn’t, personally, experience but it was so crazy I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post it. Basically, I came in to relieve my coworker and he told me about a crazy couple that yelled at him for God knows what and checked out. Not long later, he had to call them back because, get this, they forgot their baby in the room! Can you believe that?? They show their asses, only to have to come back to get their baby! I would love to be a fly on the wall to have seen the interaction as the child was returned.

And, you know, I bet they were probably locals.

Pockets of Joy

I love reminiscing on the past pockets of joy I used to have that would get me through the day.

  • I used to arrive to college about 2 hours early so I could sit in my car and brainstorm posts for my old blog and fanfiction ideas.
  • I used to get a $5 breakfast in the cafeteria at college and would sit with my new friends and enjoy a bit of conversation before going into my boring classes.
  • I had so much joy in the prep time before going to an anime convention. My friends and I would be dressing up, applying makeup, and taking photos.
  • I loved the lists and packing I would have to do before our family trip 8 hours away to South Carolina to visit my dad’s side of the family. It was usually during Christmas or during my summer break.
  • I enjoy waking up several hours before my alarm is scheduled to go off. Being able to roll over and fall back asleep is pure bliss.
  • Solo drives for long distances are amazing for me! It’s especially great at night, when there’s barely anyone on the road.
  • The first sip of a cold energy drink after not having had one for so long just makes the drink taste ten times better. The drink, itself, can amplify my mood for the entire day.
  • I used to have some free time during my computer classes when I was in high school. My friends and I would play on a website called MyCandyLove where we would play through episodes of teen love in a high school setting.
  • I felt so much peace during the wee hours of the morning while I was off for summer break. I could choose to continue staying up or sleep in if I hadn’t chosen to stay up.
  • I loved the slow down period at the pub I used to work at. We’d have a waitlist about an hour long and after a few hours, people would stop trickling in and I could relax and bus tables with a less of a rush.
  • The last 60 minutes of my 3pm to 11pm shift at work. It’s always so quiet and dark.
  • A bowl of fruit loops.

New Segment- Q a Day- Day 1

I’m starting a new segment of asking a question each day. I follow someone on Twitter who does something similar and I just love answering them! Everyone, feel free to answer! I’d love to read the responses!

So, what was your most life changing year? Mine was 2016. I went through so many emotions and learned so much about myself! I graduated high school, my grandmother passed, I got my first job, attempted suicide, started antidepressants, and met so many wonderful and horrible people.

The effect of a solo night drive

I just arrived home from driving 3 hours alone in the middle of the night. I was visiting family and ended up leaving really late. I forgot how great driving at night, by myself, felt. My imagination runs wild and I can come up with a lot of subpar story ideas and then I end up feeling lowkey bada** because I’m by myself listening to some bomba** music. Sometimes I get a feeling to just drive on forever, so I can keep daydreaming and feeling on top of the world.

Does anyone else experience this effect? Even if it isn’t with driving?

Drama at work #3

I remember coming in to work to relieve a coworker one day and he explained that earlier in the day he was checking a guest in when a man walked into the lobby, into the women’s restroom, pulled his girlfriend out and aimed a gun at her head. He took her back to the lobby and demanded my coworker call the police because the woman had stolen money from him and my coworker answered by telling them they both had to leave. Which, in theory, seems both ballsy and stupid but it worked. They left and the police were eventually called. I’m glad I wasn’t there that morning. I think I would have fainted.

And speaking of guns, you have no idea how many guests forget their guns in their rooms after they check out. The sheepish looks on their faces when they come to collect their weapons is kinda hilarious.