7-27-20 I Found my cat

So, I made it through the night. Some funny shit that I don’t think I can talk about happened at work and I met one of my coworkers who also enjoys anime which is a nice change of pace. He’s the first nerd I’ve met in person. Told him to watch Carole and Tuesday cuzContinue reading “7-27-20 I Found my cat”

Will update soon

I promise I’ll update what’s going on soon! Hopefully tomorrow or Monday. We arrived on Thursday and I’ve had to work everyday for so far. All I can say is that my body is sore and my cat, Oreo, is missing. I’m mentally and physically exhausted and we still aren’t done unpacking. Not nearly done.Continue reading “Will update soon”


I’ve always known that I have pretty bad anxiety over important events, work, breaking any kind of code, any kind of closeness, money, and time. I’m especially anxious when it comes to time. That’s why, I would love the ability to control time. It seems like a wonderful way to control all of the thingsContinue reading “3-2-20”

Old Anxiety vs New Anxiety

While watching an anime called No Matter How I Look At It, I couldn’t help but laugh at the main character. Her name is Tomoko and she has terrible social anxiety and wants to be able to talk to people but she also has such a horrible perspective on her classmates. She rarely realises howContinue reading “Old Anxiety vs New Anxiety”

Were any of you cringe-y when y’all were younger or was it just my friends and I?

I recently got into listening to r/cringe videos on youtube which is funny considering I could just read them on the subreddit. Anyway, the longer I listened, the more I cringed and the more painful memories of a middle school me appeared in my head. I used to be one of those “weeb girls” thatContinue reading “Were any of you cringe-y when y’all were younger or was it just my friends and I?”