Day 1 with BetterHelp

I’ve officially signed up with a counselor to take a whack at my problems. According to her bio, she focuses on both the physical and mental health of her patients. (Is that what I’d be called?) I’ve already sent her this incredibly long and slightly detailed message of my daily life and what issues IContinue reading “Day 1 with BetterHelp”

I feel down

I feel stupid. Dumb. Unable to retain important information. I feel slower than others. And it is so stupid that I find comfort when I meet someone who struggles more or the same as me. I feel that sense of seniority over being the lesser stupid. How, absolute, garbage is that? Oh, and you knowContinue reading “I feel down”

Something I wrote on 8/15/19

Dodie has me thinking, today. I’ve had to catch myself in conversation with Monroe because I’m not paying her 100% of my attention. Bad me! Let me explain. In Dodie’s book “Secrets for the Mad…”, she describes how little she feels during her outings with her friends and how it affected how she absorbed theContinue reading “Something I wrote on 8/15/19”