3/26/21- Change in my social skills

The other day I was thinking about how much I’ve changed since middle/high school. I have to say, I would have enjoyed school much more with my current personality! I could barely hold a conversation much less start one about 5 years ago. Now, it can be difficult to get me to shut up! IContinue reading “3/26/21- Change in my social skills”

Becoming my dad

The other day my older brother and I were on the phone talking about issues we were having at our workplaces. The both of us are well liked and responsible and this is mainly because we do what has to be done but we will kiss butt if we need to. The thing is, weContinue reading “Becoming my dad”

I have a Valentine’s Dress and a new thought

All of this cuz of one woman at the Harvest Thrift Super Center. I went there to shop for some cute but professional front desk clothes and I ended up with a pair of black dress pants and a beautiful sleeveless flower pattern dress. I had such a hard time finding those pants. Out ofContinue reading “I have a Valentine’s Dress and a new thought”