I had a super weird dream(s)

The dream started off with my family trying to hurry out to my car so we can meet our flight time. I don’t know where we were flying to but I’m guessing it was to South Carolina as we used to visit during the summer or Christmas. As I was crawling into the car, everythingContinue reading “I had a super weird dream(s)”

Old Anxiety vs New Anxiety

While watching an anime called No Matter How I Look At It, I couldn’t help but laugh at the main character. Her name is Tomoko and she has terrible social anxiety and wants to be able to talk to people but she also has such a horrible perspective on her classmates. She rarely realises howContinue reading “Old Anxiety vs New Anxiety”

Life Update!

I have officially decided not to attend university this semester after some time of anxiety induced thinking! I wanted to go into childhood education but I am not sure I am fit for this degree. Instead, I think I’d rather be in something a little more technical and creative, maybe media or journalism. I haveContinue reading “Life Update!”