8-16-20 We have furniture

I have 30 minutes to write this update. My roommate and I were gifted 2 couches from a family member of hers and they are lovely and plush. I just hope my cat doesn’t tear them apart. I started on some medication on Wednesday. It’s Cymbalta and I’m only being attacked by side effects rightContinue reading “8-16-20 We have furniture”

My review of Yaz (Nikki) birth control- Warning: mature content

In all honesty, I should have listened to the reviews. In short, Yaz has flipped me upside down. Here’s a quick list of the symptoms I’ve acquired since I’ve been on it for 32 days: Breast pain, worsened anxiety and depression, worsened cramps during menstruation, little to no acne change, mood swings, even less ofContinue reading “My review of Yaz (Nikki) birth control- Warning: mature content”