I’ve always known that I have pretty bad anxiety over important events, work, breaking any kind of code, any kind of closeness, money, and time. I’m especially anxious when it comes to time. That’s why, I would love the ability to control time. It seems like a wonderful way to control all of the thingsContinue reading “3-2-20”

I met and interesting woman named Car the other day

So, some of you may remember that I work at a hotel; therefore, I meet lots of people. Most of the time, I meet people in passing and don’t even go as far as learning their names because neither of us will most likely see each other again. Still, I get a few people hereContinue reading “I met and interesting woman named Car the other day”

I have a Valentine’s Dress and a new thought

All of this cuz of one woman at the Harvest Thrift Super Center. I went there to shop for some cute but professional front desk clothes and I ended up with a pair of black dress pants and a beautiful sleeveless flower pattern dress. I had such a hard time finding those pants. Out ofContinue reading “I have a Valentine’s Dress and a new thought”